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On December 6th the General Association of the PHE PTA voted to approve up to $150,000 for the new shade structure. The minutes from that meeting are available here.  The PTA will coordinate with the district to keep this project moving forward, targeting construction during the summer of 2023. Updates will be available on this page, the PTA Facebook page and our monthly meetings. 

PHE families with questions or concerns are still encouraged to use this form to share them. 

The PTA will be paying for a large shade structure to cover the big playground in the back of the school. We are fortunate to have the funds to do this thanks to our generous community who continued to donate during the COVID years, even when our ability to pay for programs and other activities was severely limited. In thinking about large investments to improve our school, that would benefit all our students, we feel a shade structure is a worthwhile project. 

Please see the information below for more details on this project. 

This picture serves as an example of the type of shade structure proposed. Not actual site plan or structure. 

Project Background

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