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Bike.PHE is our bike club at Pleasant Hill Elementary School, sponsored by the PTA and supported by bicycle nonprofits in the area. Bike.PHE hosts a number of programs throughout the year to promote active transportation to and from school for our entire community. 

Bike.PHE Family Festival & Swap

Saturday, October 14th 


Pleasant Hill Elementary School

Free for the whole community

-->Join us for the 2nd annual Bike.PHE Family Festival & Swap, a day of bicycle fun for all with a special aim towards kids ages 2-11 years old. This event is free and made possible by the PHE PTA, the volunteers and the generosity of our community partners. Our goal is to provide a safe space for kids to cycle, learn to cycle, and challenge themselves. The day will be filled with fun including:

--> Bring your bike, or ride down to the event. In case you don't have a bicycle, Cleary Bikes will have demos available to try out. You could also consider purchasing a bicycle through Cleary, Mike's or at our swap that will be running at the Fest as well (see below). 

-->  We'd love your help to make this amazing event possible. No bike knowledge needed, just an enthusiastic presence and willingness to help. Sign up here!

Bike Swap Details:

Do you have a used bike that is too small for your child? Or perhaps an adult bike you no longer use? Consider donating it or selling it at our Bike Swap at the Bike.PHE Family Fest & Swap! 

We are looking for gently used (in good working condition) bicycles with working brakes, chains, tires and cables to sell at the bike swap. Questions about whether your bikes fits the bill? Fill out this form and we will get back to you.  

Our goal with the swap is to help our community upsize their bikes in an affordable and eco-sustaining way. We know kids grow, and we also know we have almost 100 cyclist at PHE, so we hope this opportunity is helpful to you. Our team will be there to help you find the right bike for your child's size.

How to participate:

1) Clean up your old bike

2) Bring it down to the Bike.PHE swap at Pleasant Hill Elementary School on the day between 9-10am with your venmo account

3) Our team will help you come up with the right price or you can donate it to PHE

Email with a photo and any questions.

Walk & Roll Wednesdays

Walk and Roll Wednesday is our active transportation program that uses barcode scanning  technology to track students mileage, trips and emissions saved by walking or rolling to school.  Whether you walk or roll to school, your student can be a part of Walk and Roll Wednesday! 

BEST  PART FOR PARENTS: The scan sends an optional notification to care takers that their child has scanned in at  school. PLUS, the barcode will stick with your child until they graduate PHE…so this is a one and done registration process! Not to mention it’s super fun for kids! Check out this video from our first year starting the program to get an idea of how Walk and Roll works!

Signing up your kids!

NOTE: If your children previously participated in Bike.PHE, you don't need to register again! The information rolls over from year-to-year. Simply transfer your child's Bike.PHE scan tag to their new backback if needed.

Complete these two-steps to sign your kids up for Bike.PHE:

Getting involved & volunteering

This program runs on volunteer participation. If you are able to scan children before school from 7:30-8:10am please sign up here! 

What time should I show up?

Please come to the bike shed at PHE at 7:30am on your designated day. You will help the 5th grade scanners set up and be ready to start scanning by 7:45am.

What if I have to miss a day?

Please edit on the sign up genius and text or email Cara DeJong.

Who do I contact for help?


Dino charms!

'Trip charms' are small dinos that are given as rewards for student participation. Students get one dino-charm for every 4 scan-in rides they complete, this is an average of one charm earned per month

'Special charms' are available to participants on a particular walk-and-roll Wednesdays to celebrate something extra special, like the end of the school year or an overlapping holiday. The special charms will be announced on eNews and on our Bike.PHE instagram page.

Students can add them to their scan tag ring,


Head over to the PHE PTA store to purchase Bike.PHE sweatshirts and t-shirts: click here to go to the spirit wear store